Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching Tours

Plan your Hawaii vacation around the whale watching months! You will not be disappointed! The whale watching season is from December through April. You just have to schedule a time for this awesome Hawaii Whale Watching Tour! You will want to see nature’s most extraordinary ocean creature, the Humpback whale.  Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to the warm tropical Hawaiian waters when winter starts. They travel to Hawaii to mate and give birth to their young. The young calf grows at the incredible rate of about a hundred pounds a day. Calves range from ten to fifteen feet in length and weigh around three thousand pounds when they are born. Adult Humpback whales weigh anywhere from twenty-five to forty tons. If you want to have the best Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching tour contact Buzz Hawaii for the best Hawaii tours and discounted prices.

 Kona is the most prominent location for Whale Watching Tours on the Big Island during the whale watching season. There are many varieties of whale watching tours. You are sure to find a whale watching tour starting in the morning and some beginning in the afternoon. Whale Watching Tours provide an astonishing view of the largest mammal in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean off the shores of Hawaii is also home to other whale species such as the rare Beaked whale, Pygmy Killer whale, Pilot whales, Sperm whales, and the Melon Headed whale.  These whales are usually found miles off shore and are most often seen by Kona fish charters.

Sightings of the Humpback whale are commonly seen from shore. With a good set of binoculars you can clearly see these majestic mammals, but looking at a whale through binoculars is just not the same as looking over the side of a ship and watching these large creatures swim below. To experience a fantastic Humpback whale up close is breathtaking and you can only do this with a Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching Tour. It is the law that boats must stay back one hundred yards from a whale, but these curious marine animals sometimes advance past the limit. Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching Tours is the best way to see the awesome sights of Humpback whales.  Buzz Hawaii is the site to contact when your are planning to add a whale watching tour to your Hawaii vacation package.

Captain Zodiac Whale Watch

Travel along the Kona Coast with Captain Zodiac and watch for Humpback whales while you are aboard his sixteen passenger twenty-three foot inflatable boat. This tour takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Whale Watching Season that is from December through May. When winter arrives, Humpback whales start to migrate to the Hawaiian Islands to mate and give birth. Plan your Hawaii vacation during the Whale Watching Season so you can be apart of this fantastic guided tour. Captain Zodiac will inform you of the characterists of whales and you will also have the opportunity to listen to hydrophones relaying the whales’ communication with one another.  Other aquatic creatures you may be able to see are dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles.

The Captain Zodiac Whale Watch in Kona Big Island sails along the beautiful Kona Coast while keeping a lookout for Humpback whales. During the Big Island Whale Watching tour the boat may hit rough waters causing extreme bouncing. People with back or neck problems, pregnant women, or children under 4 years old are suggested not to take part in this Hawaii whale watching adventure. Bring sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, a hat, binoculars and a camera. When you book your Captain Zodiac Whale Watch adventure through Buzz Hawaii you’re sure to save both time and money!

This Big Island Whale Watching adventure departs from the Kailua Pier or Honokohau Marina and lasts for approximately three hours and includes delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. When you are booking your Hawaii Big Island Whale Watching tour with Buzz Hawaii ask for Captain Zodiac Whale Watch tour.

Body Glove Cruises Morning and Afternoon Whale Watching Tours

If you want to see Humpback whales up close and personal then book a Body Glove Cruise Morning and Afternoon Whale Watching Tour with Buzz Hawaii. To see a Humpback whale in its natural habitat you will have to come to the Pacific Ocean off the shores of Hawaii. This is the only place in the world that you will have the opportunity to take a fantastic photo of a humpback whale. You will also have the chance to take photos of dolphins, turtles, and other marine life. A marine naturalist is on board all Body Glove Cruises, there are also underwater hydrophones, no-host premium bar, guaranteed sightings or you can join us again for free!

Big Island Whale Watch Adventure

The warm tropical waters of the Pacific become the home for the Humpback whales from December through March. Join Neptune Charlies Big Island Whale Watch Adventure on the Big Island Hawaii. Neptune Charlies takes you up close for awesome views and fantastic photo shots of these beautiful creatures.  Enjoy the beauty of the whale’s natural habitat as they breach, spy hop, tail slap, and display other playful actions. With the boat’s hydrophone an underwater microphone, you can hear the singing of the whales. The professional and courteous crew provides you with facts about the whales and their surroundings. There is more to see than these magnificent creatures along the Kona Coast such as manta rays, Pilot whales, False killer whales, dolphins, sea turtles and much more can be seen as you sail down the Kona Coast while on this Big Island Whale Watch Adventure. Schedule this Neptune Charlies Big Island Whale Watch Adventure with Buzz Hawaii and save with discounted prices.  

Blue Sea Cruises Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise

The largest migration of whales is from Alaska during the winter months as they find their way to the Hawaiian Islands. On the Blue Sea Cruises Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise you will be delighted with the narration from a naturalist who will share with you the different marine life species you will see on this cruise. You may see Bottle Nose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Pilot whales, manta rays, and sea turtles. You will be thrilled during your Blue Sea Cruises Whale Watch Tour to hear the songs and sounds of the Humpback whale as they are piped through the underwater hydrophone into the boat’s sound system. Bring your camera for great photo shots. Buzz Hawaii will pass on to you discounted prices for this Blue Sea Cruises Big Island of Hawaii Whale Watch Cruise and any Hawaii Tour you want to add to your Hawaii vacation.  

Whale Watching Tours are the most popular boating tour in Hawaii. Everyone loves to see this incredible enormous marine mammal. There are so many migrating whales in the winter months that the Hawaiian locals refer to Pacific Ocean as “whale soup.” Marine specialists estimate that up to ten thousand of these marvelous giants migrate to the Hawaiian Islands. You are almost guaranteed to see a whale and Buzz Hawaii will be happy to reserve a Whale Watching Tour for your Hawaii Tour vacation. Contact Buzz Hawaii at www.buzzhawaii.com and save with our discounted prices.


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