Hawaii Dolphin Swims

Watch dolphins in their natural habitat – the open ocean. If you would like to see these magnificent creatures in the wild, a dolphin watching tour should be on your to-do list. Select from these popular Hawaii dolphin tours below.

Top Oahu Dolphin Watch Tours

Dolphin Excursions - Wild Dolphin Encounter on Oahu
From: $129.79
You save: $19.51
Duration: 3 hours

Come aboard the Naia I and cruise along Oahu’s west shore. Keep an eye out for dolphins! You’ll also have the chance to snorkel with tropical fish and turtles.

Dolphins and You - Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild and Hawaii Culture Cruise
From: $156.00
Duration: 6 hours

This Oahu dolphin watching cruise includes snorkeling, kayaking, hula dancing and a delicious lunch!

Top Maui Dolphin Watch Tours

Maui Adventure Cruises - Lanai Dolphin Adventure
From: $95.00
Save up to 16%
Duration: 4.5 hours

Head over to the island of Lanai on this Explorer Super Raft. Snorkel at two different sites, home to a variety of tropical reef fish and turtles.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Lanai Snorkel & Dolphin Watch
From: $84.50
Save up to 22%
Duration: 5 hours

Discover snorkeling in the waters off Lanai Island, one of the top ten snorkel and dive spots in the world.