Hawaii Fishing Charters

Go deep sea fishing in Hawaiian waters and haul in a big one! Hawaii is known as a prime sportfishing destination. Catch a Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna or Spearfish. Check out these exciting Hawaii deep sea fishing tours below.

Top Oahu Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Shared Fishing Trip
From: $164.00
You save: $26.00
Duration: 4-10 hours

Choose between three sportfishing boats and enjoy a shared fishing trip in the waters off the Waikiki coastline.

Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt
From: $112.00
You save: $13.00
Duration: 3.5 hours

This Oahu shark hunt is surely one of the most exciting late night fishing adventures! Perfect for curious beginners as well as expert fishermen.

Maggie Joe Sportfishing
From: $950.00
You save: $145.00
Duration: 6-10 hours

Come aboard the Maggie Joe and enjoy the thrill of deep sea fishing along the Waikiki shoreline.

Top Kauai Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Deep Sea Fishing Kauai
From: $211.00
You save: $15.97
Duration: 4-8 hours

Go sportfishing along Kauai's southwest shore, home to a variety of big game fish. The Big Ta Do, a classic 31-foot Bertram Sportfisher, is equipped with everything a fisherman needs.

Kai Bear Deep Sea Fishing
From: $171.87
Duration: 4-8 hours

Go deep sea fishing in the waters off Kauai and reel in a big one! Kai Bear Sportfishing offers both shared and exclusive private charters.

Koloa Bass Freshwater Fishing Tour
From: $137.29
You save: $12.71
Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy a freshwater fishing tour on Kauai's Waita Reservoir, the largest body of freshwater in the state.

Top Big Island Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Bite Me Sportfishing - Bite Me 1
From: $107.77
You save: $19.76
Duration: 4-8 hours

Departing from Honokohau Harbor, this deep sea fishing tour gets you to the best big game fishing spot on the Kona Coast - Grander Alley.

Bite Me Sportfishing - Bite Me 2
From: $491.66
You save: $99.00
Duration: 4-8 hours

The Kona Coast is known for being a fantastic Blue Marlin fishing ground. Bring the family or friends along for this fun big game fishing adventure.

Bite Me Sportfishing - Bite Me 3
From: $107.19
You save: $20.34
Duration: 4-8 hours

Get ready for an exciting sportfishing adventure off the Kona Coast. Come aboard this 40-foot Egg Harbor equipped with a large tuna tower for locating trophy fish.