Hawaii Volcano Tours

Visit the Big Island of Hawaii's spectacular volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii's No. 1 attractions. Walk through a lava tube, see steam vents, smoking volcanic craters, cinder cones, dried lava fields and sulphur banks. A volcano tour on the Big Island is a must-do for all visitors to the island.

Top Big Island Volcano Tours

Hawaii Forest & Trail - Twilight Volcano Adventure
From: $173.84
You save: $39.70
Duration: 11-12 hours

See all of the top attractions at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, including volcanic craters, lava fields, steam vents and native rainforests.

Paradise Helicopters - Volcano & Waterfalls Adventure (Hilo Airport)
From: $198.82
You save: $50.18
Duration: 45 min.

Fly over the Big Island's tropical rainforests on your way to the latest activity of Kilauea Volcano. Then cross the slopes of Mauna Loa to towering waterfalls.

Paradise Helicopters - Volcanoes & Waterfalls Extreme (Hilo Airport)
From: $234.38
You save: $64.62
Duration: 45 min.

Experience the volcanic activity first hand… from a helicopter with no doors! This Big Island helicopter tour is for those looking for an exciting alternative to an ordinary flight.