Maui Horseback Riding

Get the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth that Maui Horseback Riding Tours are the best horseback riding tour on the island of Maui. From secluded trail rides, waterfall picnics, to rigorous cattle drives Maui Horseback Riding tours offer an array of riding experiences for just about any age to enjoy the outdoors on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Ride your gentle and well-trained horse through a deep lush valley, exotic tropical forests, pineapple fields, private ranches, and more. Enjoy the vistas of Mt. Haleakala, the Pacific Ocean, West Maui Mountains, and some of Maui’s highest waterfalls as you experience horseback riding on Maui, Hawaii. The warm tropical breeze on your face will relax you as you ride your horse on this equestrian adventure. Buzz Hawaii wants you to sit back, relax, and let the friendly staff make all the arrangements for a Maui Horseback Riding tour. There is a variety of excellent horseback riding tours to choose, so deciding may be difficult. Let Buzz Hawaii help you choose which Maui Horseback Riding Tour is best for you and your family on your vacation to Hawaii.

Horseback Riding Youth Day Camp

Horseback Riding Youth Day Camp offers an educational, but fun way to teach your child how to care for a horse. What an opportunity for your child to learn how to groom, halter, lead, and learn the anatomy of a horse. There will be one riding session in the morning and one session after lunch. Lunch will be served at the ranch. Horseback Riding Youth Day Camp is the best Hawaii Tour for children! Buzz Hawaii will schedule this youth day camp for your child with discounted prices.

Horseback Riding Youth Half Day Camp

Your child will receive a certificate from the Horseback Riding Youth Half Day Camp after a half day of educational fun! Your child will earn a certificate by learning to groom, lead, and the anatomy of a horse. They will also learn ground work and will ride a horse during this three hour Horseback Riding Youth day camp. Only one horseback riding session will be given. Buzz Hawaii knows that Maui Horseback Riding Tour is the best Hawaii Tour in Maui for children.

Kapalaoa Cabin Ride

From the summit of Haleakala to the Kapalaoa Cabin this horseback riding tour is an exciting and distinctive twelve mile adventure. Kapalaoa Cabin Ride is an extended ride and is recommended for riding at least two times a week.  The Kapalaoa guides will share the history of Haleakala, explain the rare animals and plants, and the geology of Maui. This is a unique Maui Horseback Riding tour that will be a memorable experience that you will not forget. Don’t forget to contact Buzz Hawaii for your discounted prices on Kapalaoa Cabin Ride in Maui.

Mendes Ranch Aloha Horseback Ride

You can experience two hours of an exhilarating excursion with Mendes Ranch Aloha Horseback Ride on the island of Maui.  The excursion starts at the Mendes Ranch and will be welcomed by authentic Paniolo’s. You will be thrilled with the gorgeous vista as you gallop through green pastures into the fertile rain forest see the Eki Crater and view the waterfalls. The Mendes Ranch tour guides will share the history of Mendes Ranch and ancient Maui. The tour continues along the Waihee Valley as you pass grazing cattle to the sparkling blue water of the Pacific Ocean. You may have your picture taken while you are on horseback with the gorgeous photo backdrop of the sea. You’ll enjoy the views of Central Maui and Haleakala before going back to the Mendes Ranch.

BBQ Lunch includes: BBQ Chicken, Ranch Ribs, Country-Style Beans, 2 Salads, Rolls and Refreshments Lunch is served at 11:30 am. What a great tour for you and your family.  Let Buzz Hawaii schedule a Mendes Ranch Aloha Horseback Ride today and save with discounted prices.

Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding- One Hour Ride

Explore the isolated ranch in Makawao Maui with a Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding Tour. The location of the Piiholo Ranch is on the edge of the tropical rainforest that borders Makawao. You will feel relaxed and free when you ride the open space. There is plenty of room to roam the ranch for all riders. During your ride you will have the opportunity to view the dazzling scenery of the island while on the Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding Tour. You may even stumble onto a cattle drive. Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding Tour is limited to six guests so the tour is intimate so each person has a chance to talk to the ranch guides. Let Buzz Hawaii schedule a Piiholo Ranch tour for you and your family and save money with our discounted prices.

The one-hour Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding Tour takes you to acres of picturesque pastures that borders the ranch.  During your ride on the ranch you will see Axis deer, colorful birds, lush green pastures, native plants, cattle, forest trees, and Eucalyptus forests. Enjoy the view from the Piiholo Ranch that overlooks the entire valley, the south and north coastline, and pineapple and sugarcane fields. Refreshments are included with this tour such as fruit juices, snacks, and bottled water.

Safety is our number one priority and each guest is matched properly to a specific horse depending upon the guest’s weight and height. All guests will be oriented to the safety rules and basic horseback riding instructions.

Horseback Riding Lesson

Explore horseback riding in a fun way and experience a riding program for beginners, intermediate, or advanced rider at Kula Kai Farms. Our Horseback Riding Lesson works with your personal goals and needs. The horseback instruction includes hunter and western riding, and dressage. Contact Buzz Hawaii for available times and discounted prices. Buzz Hawaii will be glad to schedule a Kula Kai Farms Horseback Riding Lesson.

Horseback Riding on Maui is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Hawaii. Maui Horseback Riding is one of the most popular Maui adventures. Enjoy the gorgeous views of Maui with a horseback riding tour through Buzz Hawaii.  Reserve your space today for a Maui Horseback Riding Tour. Contact Buzz Hawaii at and save with discounted prices.


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