Kauai Whale Watching Tours and Cruises

It is a “whale” of a tour! Kauai Whale Watching Tours and Cruises are the best way to observe a natural phenomenon, enormous Humpback Whales migrating from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands. Each year around 4,500 Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii beginning in November with the peak of migration and activity occurring in April. The average time whales spend in Hawaii is around six to eight weeks. Join us for a Kauai Whale Watching Tours and Cruises. Buzz Hawaii offers the best Kauai Whale Watching tours.  If your Hawaii vacation is scheduled during the whale watching season, you will want your family to see magnificent Humpback Whales. Hawaii is the best location to observe and enjoy a whale watching tour. Book a whale watching cruise with Buzz Hawaii and save money on your Kauai Whale Watching Tour and Cruises.

When whale-watching season is in full swing, so are the Kauai Whale Watching Tours and Cruises. Buzz Hawaii can book you on several fantastic whale-watching tours in Kauai. Spotting a Humpback Whale is one of the most thrilling Hawaiian experiences you could have! Suddenly hearing the sound of a Humpback’s tremendous blow and then visually see a gusher of misty air is a breathtaking and awesome experience that you would not want your family to miss. This breathing pattern for a Humpback Whale only takes a few seconds so make sure you keep a watchful eye for whales. Your cruise captain will be sure to keep you abreast of a whale’s location. Humpback Whales travel in pods, so when you see one whale there is usually another in the same vicinity.  Humpbacks usually stay in one area for about ten or fifteen minutes of play. If you see a massive splash it is probably a whale breaching out of the water. They may lie over on their side and wave using their flippers. Suddenly, the Humpback Whale will hit their fluke on the water and dive deep to the ocean’s depths. What better adventure is there to include in your Hawaii vacation! Buzz Hawaii knows that your Hawaii vacation would not be complete if you did not add a Kauai Whale Watching Tours and Cruises to your Hawaiian vacation package.

During your Kauai Whale Watching Tour the captain of your boat will narrate the actions of this fascinating mammal that migrates to Hawaii. There is so much information about whales, so feel free to ask questions. Two hours of whale watching and information may not be enough, so you may want to include several Kauai Whale Watching Tours during your Hawaii vacation. Buzz Hawaii will be happy to help you with your Kauai Whale Watching Tour or any other Kauai Hawaii Tour.

Blue Dolphin Charters Whale Watch and Captain Andy’s Whale Watching Tour offer whale Watching Charters in Kauai Hawaii through Buzz Hawaii. We save you money with every Hawaii Tour we offer. Buzz Hawaii can book your Kauai Whale Watching Tour and any other Hawaii Tour for your Hawaii vacation.

Blue Dolphin Charters Whale Watch provides an intense view of the Humpback Whales on their 63’ foot catamaran. This tour includes drinks and appetizers. What a great tour to watch for whales leaping in the air, slapping their tails as they teach their young to breach and explore the world of whales after their seasonal migration. Buzz Hawaii will be happy to book Blue Dolphin Charters Whale Watch tour for you.

Captain Andy’s Whale Watch guides inform you of the migration of the Humpback Whales. This two-hour tour provides a way to see these enormous mammals and their activities. Come learn from sea-going professionals interesting facts about whales and their undersea environment. Add Captain Andy’s Whale Watch to your Hawaii vacation through Buzz Hawaii.

Kauai Whale Watching Tour is a fantastic way to have a whale encounter during the months of December through April. Buzz Hawaii guarantees that whale watching is one of the most sensational Kauai Tours in all of Kauai.  Buzz Hawaii offers only the finest Kauai Whale Watching Tours. Captain Andy’s Whale Watching and Blue Dolphin Charters Whale Watch are two excellent choices. Whale watching on a Kauai Tour with Buzz Hawaii will provide a great Hawaii vacation and save you money. Kauai Whale Watching Tours fill quickly, so book your tour today. Contact Buzz Hawaii at www.buzzhawaii.com and save.


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