Maui Zipline Tours

It’s thrilling, daring, exhilarating, and exciting! It’s a Zip Line Tour! Capture the moment of excitement as you zip through the rainforest trees, over canyons, across rivers as you take in the breathtaking scenery of Maui during your vacation in Hawaii. A Maui Zip Line Tour will excite your passion for adventure. Zip Line Tours are the newest spine-tingling adventure on the Hawaiian Islands. Join us for the time of your life on an aerial runway that will quickly transport you through the air using gravity as a motor. Zip Line courses can comprise of long distances with high speeds at substantial heights with multiple and diverse crossings. Maui has several exciting Zip Line Tours that are full of adventure! Buzz Hawaii is in the business of planning adventures for your vacation in Hawaii on the island of Maui. There are several popular zip lines on the Hawaiian Islands, so Buzz Hawaii suggests you book early because they fill fast.

Piiholo Ranch Zip Line Maui

Experience the newest and longest zip line slide with Piiholo Ranch Zip! The zip line is located on an 800 acre working cattle ranch on the north east slope of Haleakala.  During your zip line tour on Piiholo Ranch you will be in awe with the fertile valleys, tropical flora and fauna, and the towering trees that produces a rich and beautiful landscape on the island of Maui at Piiholo Ranch. If you are ready for the most thrilling adventure of a lifetime then join us at Piiholo Ranch for the most challenging zip line ride that will create a memory you won’t forget.   Piiholo Ranch takes pride in the fact that they are the only company in Maui that has the longest four-person tandem zip line in Hawaii. This zip line ride covers over a half mile of breathtaking scenery, and if the conditions are right you may be racing through the forest trees exceeding over 60 miles per hour! If you like heights and adventure, then a Piiholo Ranch Zipline in Maui is the place to be.   The first zip line ride begins with a Piiholo guide sharing the safety rules, then escorting you to the top of the first tower. The four person tandem zip line course is the shortest and travels over a lush grassland at Piiholo Ranch. The guides start you with the easiest zip so you can get use to the ride. While you are standing at the top of tower take a moment to take-in the vast and gorgeous scenery. The guide attaches your harness, countdowns, and gives you the okay to push off. The adrenaline will be pumping, but thrill seekers say that zip line tours are well worth it. After the thrill you are invited to rest at a covered picnic area while you are waiting for the rest of your group to finish their thrill seeking zip line ride. The covered picnic area provides shade when the day is sunny and protection when the day is rainy. Yes, the Piiholo Ranch Zip Line keeps their schedule rain or shine! When you are in the “rain” forest, expect rain.   The second zip line adventure starts after a brief hike up a suspended rope bridge that leads you to the second tower. Now you are really ready for excitement because you know what to expect on the two person tandem. This zip ride takes you over a valley, so try to remember to view the gorgeous scenery and look for wild forest animals, and tropical birds as you fly by. You may spot a boar or deer grazing in the lush valley.  

This zip line requires a rope climb to the next tower, taking you back over the same valley, but with a different view. With this zip line ride you will see the steep rock face from where you jumped off on the second zip ride. After this zip line ride you will be ready for a snack that includes nature bars, chips, juice, and water. As you enjoy your snack you will be informed of the fourth zip line ride that awaits you.

The fourth tower is massive. The tower is the difference between the four-line course and the five-line course. The five line course has a greater excitement waiting for you if you have the nerve to meet the challenge The number four tower is a quarter mile zip line that takes you back to the other side of the valley. If you aren’t too nervous be sure to look around, you may see two swimming holes used by ancient Hawaiians. At the end of the zip line ride you will be at the bottom of Piiholo hill. You will have a ride in a cowboy limousine to the top of the ranch where you will see the most breathtaking views of the rainforest, ranch and valley. Be sure to bring your camera, you will not want to miss capturing this picturesque scene. No tower is located here.  You just simply use the platform and push off for a full half mile zip line ride down the hill, across the valley, and back to the suspension bridge. If you missed seeing the Hawaiian pools with your last zip ride, now you will have another chance to see them because the line goes right over them. This is Piiholo Ranch Zip Line’s grand finale!

There are a few restrictions for you to consider if the Maui Zip Line tour at Piiholo Ranch sounds like fun to you. First you cannot be afraid of heights, and you must be able to carry a harness, that weighs about twelve pounds, while walking short distances, and on the platform bridges. You must weigh between 75 and 275 pounds. You will have to be weighed before you can ride. You have to be at ten years old. Wearing closed toed shoes and long pants is recommended. Rain coats are provided, but you are not required to wear them. You can take photos but not while you are on the zip line. The cables are strong. They are the same cables used to stop jets from speeding off the edge of the ship during their landing. Pregnant women and those with bad backs are prohibited from riding on the zip line. Buzz Hawaii will help you plan and schedule this Maui Zip Line Tour with Piiholo Ranch Zip Line. Contact Buzz and their friendly staff will help you plan your vacation in Hawaii.

Kapalua Adventures Maui Zip Line Course

Join us for the longest zip line course in all of the Hawaiian Islands with Kapalua Resort in Maui. Soar the West Maui mountains with a state-of-the-art zip line that features an extra comfy nylon harness, eights spans of zip line that include two lines over 2,000 ft long, and innovative chairlift, “The Zipperlifter.” This chairlift transports you 3,000 linear feet to the starting point of the tallest zip lines that moves our guests efficiently and effortlessly. Kapalua Adventures Maui Zip Line Course provides the only parallel-line system found in the Hawaiian Islands. Each zip line travels alongside another, allowing two riders to pass side-by-side decreasing the wait time for each zip line ride in half. This provides more time for family fun and adventure!  

Choose the zip line adventure that is best for you and your family.

Adventure Tour- 4 Line Zip - 3 Hours
The zip line tour is perfect if you are new to zip lining and if you are experience zippers! This course is almost a mile of cable stretched over 4 spans- north, east, south and west around the Mountain Outpost.

Tower Swing - 3 Hours

Four separate routes on the tower will give you a challenge with speed and skill. You will finish with the Maui Tour with a rush of excitement on the giant swing. The Tower Swing contains a combination of a 50 ft. tall giant swing and a 40 ft. tall climbing tower.

Challenge Towers - 3 Hours
With our 35 ft. off the ground high rope challenge course and climbing tower you will go to new heights!  Enjoy the personal achievement and challenge while having fun. If you want the most thrilling Maui Tour you have to try the Kapalua Adventures Maui Zip Line Course.  With the various choices of Maui Ziplines, Kapalua Resort has a Maui zip line suited for you.  Contact Buzz Hawaii for low prices on Hawaii Adventures.

Challenge Zip - 3 Hours
The combination of our high rope challenge course and 4,000 feet of zip line is the action tour called “The Challenge Zip.” The Challenge Zip Line in Maui is designed for families of all ages.

Adventure Tour- 5 Line Zip - 3.5 Hours
From the Mountain Outpost base you will take the zipper lifter up the mountain to the edge of Pu‘u Kukui Watershed Preserve. Get ready to soar through the canopy of trees, over fertile lush valleys, and fly by cascading waterfalls. This zip line includes line #3, which is 2,300 ft in length.  After this zip line enjoy a deli style lunch.

4 Line Zip and Swing - 5 Hours
The Upper Mountain Loop and Swing has a fifty foot swing located about a half mile from one of Maui’s zip line towers.  The "zipper lifter" will take you  to the Kapalua Adventure Center Café to enjoy a delicious meal .

Ultimate Zip Experience - 5 Hours
The "zipper lifter" will take you to the upper reaches of the adventure course. This two miles of parallel cable line zip ride spans across the exotic native forests. An added bonus is the view of a cascading waterfalls. The zip line tour includes a delicious lunch with panoramic views of three islands!

Piiholo Ranch Canopy Tours

Piiholo Ranch Adventures presents the new zip line Piiholo Ranch Canopy Tours. The town Makawao in the gorgeous Upcountry of Maui is the home of the Maui Canopy Adventure. It is located on a family owned historic ranch consisting of 800 acre. The electrifying adventure of the combination of aerial bridges and Maui Zip Lines will create a thrilling ride as you soar over the forest canopy and fertile ravines. The Piiholo Ranch Canopy Tours is the only tour you will take that will continuously keep you in the trees from the beginning to the end. Maui has the only zip line tour that provides tandem zip lines. You may view Hawaiian animals as you zip across the valley that may include mountain boar, axis deer, goats, and Hawaiian nene geese and pueo.

The 9-line adventure - 3Hours

Once your are off the ground with the 9 zip lines and 4 aerial bridges Piiholo Ranch Zip Line tour, you will be on your way to the most thrilling and exciting Maui adventure that keeps you in the forest trees the entire time. You will enjoy zipping cross aerial canopy bridges, through a tropical forest of towering eucalyptus, and finish with a 1,000 ft line that takes you through a tree tunnel. All this gives you the opportunity to take in the dramatic ocean and mountain views. Your guide will teach you about Hawaii’s unique ecosystem and native plants. This zip line tour includes snacks and drinks at a tree house.

The 6-line adventure – 2.5 hours

This adventure includes 6 zip lines and 4 aerial bridges that will take you through a gorgeous canopy of trees above the Maui rainforest. You have the opportunity to fly high over the forest floor and ravines. This is a great way to have fun and learn about Maui’s native foliage and ecosystem. This is a great adventure for the entire family.

The 3-line adventure – 1hour

If you want a rush of adventure then schedule this Maui Zip Line Tour that includes 3 zip lines and 1 aerial bridge. Choose this one hour zip line adventure if you are short on time. The two zip lines soar over lush valleys, a scenic trek, and a canopy bridge. Experience a zip through a tree tunnel located in the tropical forest canopy with our 1,000 ft. line.

There are numerous zip line tours to choose. You will find thrilling adventures with any of the Maui Zip Line Tours. Maui Zip Line Tours offer the best zip tour on the Hawaiian Islands. Buzz Hawaii is the online site that can help you schedule a Maui Zip Line Tour with discounted prices. Contact Buzz Hawaii and their friendly staff will help you plan your Hawaii vacation that includes a discounted zip line tour in Maui. Contact Buzz Hawaii at and save money with discounted prices that only Buzz Hawaii can offer.


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