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Sunshine Helicopters - Hana / Haleakala Special

Sunshine Helicopters Hana Haleakala Special offers a 45 minute aerial excursion viewing the breathtaking venues of the island of Maui, Hawaii. Soar across the islands’ most rugged and secluded areas with views of the most requested Hawaii attractions which include a rainforest, volcano, an old historic town, majestic coastline waterfalls, and beautiful beaches. Don’t spend most of your Hawaii vacation traveling around the island of Maui on a tour bus or a rental car taking days to explore points of interests when you can see Maui in 45 minutes! Hana Haleakala Helicopter tour is one of the most popular Maui activities offered on the Hawaiian Islands. See Maui from a “birds-eye view” with a Hawaii helicopter tour. Reserve this spectacular Hawaii Attraction with Buzz Hawaii and save with discounted prices on any Maui Helicopter tour.

The Sunshine Helicopter Tour Company is operated and privately owned by Anna and Ross Scott. Ross received his helicopter training in Vietnam as a gunship pilot and after the war, supervised a substantially sized aviation company located in Alaska with 30 helicopters and 50 airplanes. Take advantage of flying with an expert and benefit from Ross’ immense aviation knowledge and experience. Sunshine Helicopter Tours offers flights over the Big Island, Kauai, and Maui using the state-of-the-art WhisperSTAR or A-STAR helicopters both providing comfort and safety. The only way to see the most gorgeous remote landscapes is with Hana Haleakala Helicopter Tours located on Maui. Schedule an aerial tour with Sunshine Helicopters Hana Haleakala Special with Buzz Hawaii and save money.

Sunshine Helicopter Tours offers a breathtaking experience you will never forget. Enjoy the views of an active volcano, Haleakala, with its last recorded eruption in 1790. Haleakala is considered to be a dormant volcano and is the largest in the world. You will clearly be able to see the huge moonlike crater with its towering 1,100 foot pure iron oxide cinder cones. One of the most awe-inspiring views on Maui is the Haleakala summit. The flight continues on to Ko’olau and Kaupo Gaps where you will observe the enormous lava flows from the Heleakala crater descending to the ocean. If you want to see what Maui looked like in earlier days, then watch for Old Hana Town. The town has been untouched and has kept its natural landscape for decades. Old Hana Town was once a flourishing town due to the sugar cane industry. Hana Rainforest is the next breathtaking site on the Hana Haleakala Helicopter Tour. The rainforest is Maui’s supreme enchanted wonderland with its large flowing waterfalls and towering bamboo covering vast acres of land. The Pools of O’heo, or commonly known as Seven Sacred Pools, is a sequence of majestic cascading waterfalls and waterfall pools that flow through O’heo Gulch into the nearby ocean. Flying over the Hana coast you will have the opportunity to see the famous aviator, Charles Linbergh’s final resting place under the shaded branches of a Java plum tree. Before Lindbergh died, he drew a simple sketch to design his coffin and his grave site. He lived his last days on the coast of Hana and died August 6, 1974. On the return trip back to the heliport, Sunshine Helicopters provides a stunning view of the famous windsurfing beach, Ho’okipa. This gorgeous beach is well-known for its perfect windsurfing conditions. Because of the strong surf, the beach is the ideal location for two main world-class competitions. Contact Buzz Hawaii for this fabulous Maui Helicopter Tour with money saving prices. Don’t miss the spectacular sites you will see with Sunshine Helicopters Hana Haleakala Special Tour.

Sunshine Helicopter Tours provide panoramic views, Sky-cam video system, custom stereo headsets, customized air-conditioned seating, more interior room, and recorded CD music on the EC 130 B4WhisperSTAR Helicopter. A pilot-narrated video recording of your actual flight is recorded on DVD and is available for purchase. Reserve this outstanding Hawaii Helicopter Tour with Sunshine Helicopters Hana Haleakala Special and save with discounted prices.

Tour Highlights:

  • Mount Haleakala and its immense crater
  • East Maui
  • Hana village
  • Tropical rainforest and waterfalls
  • Ho'okipa Beach
Open Seating: Maximum of 6 seats per flight. Seat assignment is determined by weight and balance.

First Class Seating: Maximum of 2 seats per flight. Passengers enjoy First Class seating next to pilot, with extra arm and leg room. Maximum combined weight limit for two passengers on FX STAR First Class is 400 lbs (181 kg) and Whisper STAR First Class is 490 lbs (222 kg).
 Hana Haleakala Helicopter tourFX STAR First Class Seating
 Hawaii helicopter toursFX STAR Open Seating
 helicopter toursWhisperSTAR First Class Seating
 Maui HawaiiWhisperSTAR Open Seating
Where and When:
Morning, mid-day and afternoon departure times. The exact departure time for your preferred timeframe will be specified on your voucher.
Departs from Hangar #3 at Kahului Heliport, 1 Lelepio Place, Kahului HI 96732 View Map
View Driving Directions
Weight Restrictions:
FX Star: Passengers over 240 lbs (108 kg) or a combined weight of over 400 lbs (181 kg) for 2 passengers may require the purchase of a comfort seat.
WhisperSTAR: First class guarantee of front seat is limited to 290 lbs (131 kg) or a combined weight of 490 lbs (222 kg) for 2 passengers. Open seating over 290 lbs (131 kg) may require the purchase of a comfort seat.
All passengers are weighed at check-in. If given weight is substantially lower than actual weight, you may get bumped from the flight, but still have to pay for the seat.

If requesting first class seating for a minor, one of the passengers in first class must be over 16 and traveling with the minor.
A valid government issued photo I.D. is required.
Flight patterns and specific sights are subject to weather conditions.
Special Notes:
Children 23 months or younger may fly at no charge and must sit on adult's lap. Please provide child's weight at time of booking.
ADA Accessibility: Only the WhisperStar helicopter has a wheelchair lift.
Operation Days:
Daily except Sunday
45 minutes
Sunshine Helicopters
6 passengers
FX STAR: The industry standard FX Star, known as "Black Beauty," has all forward facing customized bench style seats giving excellent visibility. Sunshine Helicopters has flown over 850,000 satisfied passengers in their "Black Beauties" since 1985. The ASTAR 350FX features Bose aviation headsets, an air-conditioned cabin and oversized panoramic windows.

WhisperSTAR: The EC 130 B4 WhisperSTAR is the ultimate in sightseeing helicopters. More interior room, more visibility with added plexiglass and elevated rear seats. Sunshine Helicopters customizes the standard factory interior with business and first class seating to further enhance passenger comfort and visibility. Soar in the state-of-the-art WhisperSTAR and experience the quiet, ultra smooth and most advanced technological sightseeing helicopter ever.
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