Maui Whale Watching Tours

Weighing 80,000 pounds and can grow to fifty feet long the Humpback whale is only the 5th largest of the whale species. The identifying feature of the humpback whale is their pectoral fins, which are the longest of all the whales. On top of the vast head of this mammal you will find two blowholes that sit side by side allowing them to breathe air at the surface of the water.  Another obvious feature is the humpback’s tubercles. The tubercles are the round bumps found on the lower jaw and on top of the humpback’s head and at least one wire-like hair projecting out of each one. Some scientists think the hairs allow the humpback to identify movement in nearby waters. Researchers have studied the humpback whales for years, and still don’t understand all of the characteristics of this mysterious animal.

Humpback whales migrate to the waters of Hawaii every year bringing their song. With special equipment their song can be heard for ten to twenty minutes and may be repeated constantly for hours. Only males sing and the tune changes slowly throughout the season. When changes happen, each whale will sing the new song version. Scientists are not sure the meaning of each tune, but guessing would point to the way whales communicate when the male is fighting for a mate. Humpback whales migrate each year to the warm Hawaiian Islands to give birth to their calves. Their favorite place to give birth is Maui, making this island the best place to spot a whale.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Ultimate Whale Watch
From: $122.03
Duration: 3 hours

Learn firsthand what it is like to be a whale researcher during this special whale watch cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation's researchers and certified marine naturalist on board. Includes lunch!

Maui Adventure Cruises - Whale Watch Adventure
From: $44.64
You save: $7.86
Duration: 2 hours

This Explorer super raft is the largest raft in Hawaii! It has a hydrophone so you can listen to the whales communicating with each other.

Pacific Whale Foundation - Whale Watch Tour
From: $67.49
Duration: 2 hours

Enjoy this narrated Maui whale watch led by certified marine naturalists. Learn more about these fascinating mammals and watch them frolic in the waters off Maui's south shore.


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