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Piiholo Ranch - Zipline Tour

Ride the longest and fastest Zipline in Hawaii! Speed up to sixty miles per hour for over a half mile of adrenaline pumping excitement! Piiholo Ranch Zipline in Maui has the only four tanden zipline in Hawaii. Flying across the ranch you will view the most beautiful rainforest, dramatic valleys, colorful vegetation, and rolling hills. The only way to see the entire tropical landscape is from a “birds eye” view you get as you ride the Piiholo Ranch Zipline. You can choose between a 4 Maui Zipline course or the 5 Maui Zipline course. So if you are ready for a challenge and the thrill of a lifetime, contact Buzz Hawaii, request they reserve this Maui Zipline Tour. For any Hawaii Activities or Maui Attractions contact Buzz Hawaii for all your vacation needs.

The first thrill of the Piiholo Ranch Zipline Tour in Maui is crossing the valley, on foot, with a “swinging” suspension bridge! Stand back and watch the bridge sway as others cross this fun and exciting part of the journey to the only four person tandem zip in Hawaii! This is the only zipline you can actually share with family or friends. What better way to create lasting family memories than share an adventure with those that are closest to you. After arriving to the top of the first tower, your Piiholo Ranch tour guide will instruct you with safety rules for the four person zipline ride. This is the easiest and shortest course on the zipline reaking you in for the thriller ride!” After you are safely harnessed in and the line is attached, you will be given a countdown, so be ready to leap off the edge of the towers. The adrenaline will pump and the feeling of apprehension will come, but “jump” and experience the thrill of your life! If you get a chance, look over the view and see the lush green pastures on the Piiholo working cattle ranch. After the ride you can re-group under the covered picnic area providing you with shade from the sun, and from the tropical rain showers. Oh yes, the Piiholo Ranch Zipline Tour is scheduled for rain or shine.

We will hike to the next tower taking us up a suspended rope bridge to a two person zipline ride. This is the zipline ride that flies you over a lush green valley. You will be enthralled with the view you will see with lush vegetation that covers the valley floors and walls. You may even see wild boar, deer, or cattle roaming the area. What an experience to soar over the most beautiful valley and landscape in Maui. You are having the thrill of your life, so shout it out and let everyone know!

Now we’ll move on to the third thrill of your life! You will climb up another rope bridge and over the valley you just crossed. On this zipline, your return flight will provide a view of the opposite side of valley that is steep and rocky. Get another adrenaline rush as you glide across the valley to meet your family to share the exciting experiences you just had. At this point the Piiholo Ranch Zipline Tour guides provide you and your family with water, juice, a nature bar, and chips. This last thrilling ride concludes the 4 Maui Zipline challenge with a ride over the valley to the parking lot. This is a Maui Attraction you will never forget!

But wait! There is more! You can reserve the 5 Maui Zipline tour that continues on from the 4 Maui Zipline. This 5 zipline offers a more challenging course for those that have the spirit of adventure! It will take bold courage to accept what 5 zipline has to offer. It is a quarter mile of a “monster ride” to the opposite side of the valley! As you glide across the valley you will see awesome sights such as two ancient swimming holes used by the inhabitants, lush tropical forests, and colorful landscapes. At the end of the zipline you will be transferred to the top of the valley in a four wheel drive vehicle for the breathtaking view of the Piiholo Ranch. Bring your camera you will not want to miss this photo opportunity of the most gorgeous landscape in Maui. From the top of the valley you will take off again from a platform for a full half mile zipline down the hill, across the valley, and return to the suspension bridge. This zipline ride is the grand finale, and what a finale it is! You will know what it is like to fly as you pick up some serious speed when you position yourself as a cannonball with the wind whipping and the landscape racing by under you!

Before you know you will be back on solid ground with your heart pumping and your knees weak with excitement! The suspension bridge we will walk back across, to return to the starting point of the zipline tour, remember the one that sways…well, it won’t be so intimating now! Piiholo Ranch Zipline is the best and most popular zipline tour in Maui. Book your Hawaii Zipline Tour with Buzz Hawaii and save with our discounted prices.

If you are a thrill seeker and want to get in on the fun with Piiholo Ranch Zipline Tour please consider these slight restrictions. You cannot be afraid of heights. Carrying your own 12 pound harness while walking short distances and up the rope or platform bridge is a requirement. The weight maximum is 275 pounds, you will be required to step on a scale before the tour. To participate you must be at least ten years old.

Maui Zipline Tours on Piiholo Ranch:
1. The Piiholo Ranch uses the same cables used on aircraft carriers so the ziplines are strong, they won’t snap under your weight.
2. Rain coats are provided because it rains more often in the rainforests.
3. You are welcomed to take photos, but are not allowed to do so while you are zipping.
4. Wearing long pants is encouraged, but closed toes shoes are required.

The 4 Zipline Tour is offered at 9 am, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

The 5 Zipline Tour is offered at 8 am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, and 1pm.

4 Line Zip Tour:

  • Includes lines 1, 2, 3 and 6 ranging from 420 feet to over 1,000 feet in length
  • Zipline heights range from 42 feet to almost 200 feet above the ground
  • Lines 1-3 take off from 42-foot high towers
  • Accessed across a 317-foot suspension bridge
  • Almost 2 hours of fun zipping across trees, gulches and green ranchland
  • Going 2 at a time, side-by-side on a dual-line course

5 Line Zip Tour:

  • Includes lines 1,2,3,4 and 5
  • Lines 1-4 take off from 42-foot high towers
  • Line 5 starts at ground level on Piiholo Hill and is 2,800 feet long – the longest side-by-side zipline in the state
  • Accessed across a 317-foot long, 75-foot high suspension bridge
  • Almost 3 hours of fun zipping across trees, gulches and green ranchland
  • Zipline 1-3 are the same as on the 4 Line Tour, but it heads in a different direction at line 4, zipping down a 1,420-foot line to the base of Piiholo Hill
  • A ranch vehicle will take you to the top of Piiholo Hill from where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of Maui
  • Final zip is a grand finale, which is at times 600 feet high

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Where and When:
All zipline guests check in at the Piiholo Ranch Zipline check-in building, located at 799 Piiholo Rd, Makawao, HI 96768.
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The 4 Line Zip is offered at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.
The 5 Line Zip is offered at 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.
Check-in is 45 minutes before your tour.
Must be 8 years or older to participate in the Piiholo Ranch Zipline course. Must wear closed-toed shoes.
Participants must be at least 8 years old.
Children between 8-15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on tour. Adolescents between 16 & 17 years old must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver to participate.
Weight must be between 75 - 275 pounds for ziplining. Weight limits are strictly enforced and each guest will be weighed at check-in.
All participants must be capable of moderate to advanced physical activity and be able to walk over uneven, muddy terrain, as well as ascend and descend steeply inclined terrain and/or short climbs. Participants must not have neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle injuries, heart conditions, or recent surgeries.
All guests must sign a waiver to participate.
Pregnant women are not allowed to zipline.
Participants must not scuba dive within 24 hours before the tour.
Special Notes:
Operation Days:
Operates daily. Closed on Thanksgiving afternoon, New Year's morning and Christmas Day.
4 line - approx. 2 hrs
5 line - approx. 3 hrs
Piiholo Ranch
4 line - max 12 guests
5 line - max 10 guests
Total : $0.00

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