Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt

Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt

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Hunt for sharks at midnight! It doesn’t get any more exciting and adventurous than that! Climb aboard the “Sashimi” for the most challenging and conservation minded fishing excursion you will ever encounter on the island of Oahu.  There are approximately 450 species of sharks on this planet. About 40 of the shark species are found endemic to Hawaiian waters varying in size from the Pygmy shark that averages about 8 inches to the Whale shark that can grow up to 50 feet. Near the shore of Oahu, only 8 out of the 40 species of sharks are commonly seen. The sharks most often encountered are the Reef Whitetip, Tiger, Scalloped Hammerhead, Pacific Grey Reef, and Sandbar. These inshore sharks are at the top of the ocean food chain feeding mainly on fish keeping the ecosystem balanced. Studies by marine biologists show that sharks have a purpose of balancing the ecosystem, upgrading the fish population by eliminating injured or sick fish from the ocean, and permitting the healthiest marine life to flourish and reproduce. Sharks zero in to these fish by detecting smells and sounds at a significant distance using their well-developed sensory capabilities. The excellent eyesight of the shark is also an aid in locating their survival food, although their sight depends on the clarity of the ocean water. Sharks using these senses will prey at dusk, night, and dawn providing the perfect situation for a successful Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt off the shores of Oahu. Join Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt for a conservation fishing trip designed to permit anglers to experience the electrifying event of catching these large predators of the South Pacific, but without playing a part of their demise. Anglers will depart from Kewalo Basin for the hunt, chase, catch, and release of an assortment of sharks. There are many things to do in Oahu and Shark fishing is one of them. Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt is one of the many Oahu Attractions you do not want to miss. Experience the thrill of catching a shark on the South Pacific. Bring your camera to create a lasting memory and a visual for your family and friends to see your accomplishment. Catch your trophy fish with Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt through Buzz Hawaii and save.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler you are welcomed on the “Sashimi” fishing vessel to experience the thrill of catching a shark. The friendly staff will guide you in steps of catching one of those big pole benders! The average shark caught on the Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt is around five feet and weighing 125 pounds and can be up to sixteen feet and over 1,000 pounds. If you are a night owl and a thrill seeker, Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt is the perfect shark fishing tour for you. Don’t spend your nights during your Hawaii vacation sitting around a night club, do something adventurous and reserve a Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt with Buzz Hawaii. Save money on an Oahu Fishing Tour and experience an adventure of a lifetime! Save on all Oahu Attractions with Buzz Hawaii.

Welcome aboard the “Sashimi I” or the “Sashimi II” for a voyage of fishing exploration! The “Sashimi I” is a 28 passenger, 47 foot Delta fishing vessel and the “Sashimi II” is a 49 passenger, 65 foot Delta fishing boat. Both fishing vessels provide plenty of room for all fishermen. Although the capacity of passenger space is 47 to 49, the “Sashimi Midnight Hunt” tour invites only 4 to 14 anglers per fishing trip. There will always be an abundance of space on any given Shark Fishing tour. All anglers will fish with their own equipment, so there is no waiting. With this arrangement you can choose to fish all night or when you want to rest and watch the other anglers. Feel free to bring food and beverages on board the “Sashimi.” You can plan an Oahu Fishing trip seven days a week with Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt Charter tour and depart right from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor at 9:30pm. Included in the Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt package is a roundtrip transport from your Waikiki hotel. This Shark Fishing tour is a catch and release program that provides gentle care when handling Hawaiian sharks. Reserve a Sashimi Midnight Shark Hunt tour with Buzz Hawaii and save money. Contact Buzz Hawaii for all Oahu Attractions you want to add to your Hawaii vacation package.

Where and When:
Departure is at 10:00 pm and return is at approx. 1:00 am. Check in at Kewalo Basin Harbor (between Ala Moana Beach Park & Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant). Address: 1125 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814. Look for a sign that says 955 FISH. View Map
Due to limited seating this tour is non-refundable.
Special Notes:
Free roundtrip transportation from Waikiki hotels is available.
Guests cannot keep anything caught - the crew will cook a portion on the boat for everyone to eat, everything else is catch and release.
Operation Days:
Operation Days vary weekly.
3 hours
Sashimi Fishing
The boat has a capacity of 49, but this tour is limited to a maximum of 15 passengers.
65' Delta Sportfisher
Total : $0.00

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