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Native Hawaiians refer to Oahu as “The Gathering Place” due to the fact many tourist gather on this beautiful island to start their Hawaiian adventures.You will be anxious to see all that Oahu has to offer, but you may think seeing the entire island in just a few days is impossible! But think again, you can see it all in just one day! You can enjoy viewing the island of Oahu with one excursion…Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour. Soar over phenomenal venues of the island and witness amazing historical sites, beautiful beaches, secluded rainforests, fertile valleys, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes. The third largest of the Hawaiian archipelago is Oahu and it is bursting with adventure, excitement, and incredible beauty. Get a “bird’s eye view” of the most gorgeous of the Hawaiian Islands. Blue Skies of Oahu Tour packs in so much in so little time. Experience the island’s outstanding diversity in just forty-five minutes! Just as soon as the Blues Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour takes off from the Honolulu heliport, the awe-inspiring landscapes will be within view. The exciting tour will start with the famous Waikiki Beach, with its colorful coral reefs, and then fly over other interesting sites of the island. Enjoy gorgeous sites that include the extinct crater Diamond Head, white sand Waimanalo Beach, Crescent shaped Hanauma Bay, the gorgeous coral formations of Kaneohe Bay, and Chinaman’s Hat. The flight continues over the lush and active Dole Plantation; the pilot then follows the coastline to Sacred Falls, and then zooms over to view Pearl Harbor with the Battleship Missouri and the Arizona Memorial. There are a vast amount of aerial sites in Hawaii and you will want to see them all! You can see all of Oahu with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours with Buzz Hawaii. Go online to the most reputable site, Buzz Hawaii, and find major discounted prices on Oahu Activities and Hawaii Attractions. Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours is the best aerial tour in Oahu. Save money with Buzz Hawaii on Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour.

Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter Tour offers a forty-minute flight every hour between 8:00am to 5:00pm with free transportation from any Waikiki Hotel. You will arrive at the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter office where you will receive brief instructions. Climb aboard one of the state-of-the-art helicopters, the Eco-Star, and enjoy the large cockpit and large windows offering panoramic views. All passengers will be given their very own noise reducing headphones providing the opportunity for all guests to engage in a two-way conversation with the pilot. With a two-way radio you can feel free to ask any question about any venue you see. Enjoy a safe and smooth flight with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter’s extremely qualified, experienced, and state certified pilot. Safety is Blue Skies of Oahu’s first priority. Before each flight, the helicopter undergoes a strict safety check mandated by the FAA. Blue Skies of Oahu meets the Hawaii Helicopter Tour Industry’s criterion. Schedule a helicopter tour with Buzz Hawaii and create an unforgettable memory. If you forgot to bring your camera, no worries, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Tours offers a high quality DVD of your actual flight for purchase.

There are so many sites to see on the island of Oahu. Listed is some of the locations Blue Skies of Oahu tours offer.

Diamond Head
Diamond Head, located at the end of Waikiki, is the most renowned volcanic crater on this earth. The volcano has been extinct for over 150,000 years. The original name for the crater was Leahi, meaning “brow of the tuna.” If you look intently you will see the resemblance. The crater was later given the name Diamond Head in the 1800’s by British sailors as they sailed toward Oahu and first viewed the glimmer of the calcite crystals in the lava rock crater. At a distance the sun shining upon the crystals made them appear to look like diamonds. Diamond Head is 3,520 ft in diameter with a 760 ft summit.

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay is the most popular snorkeling area with its vast variety of marine life living in the bay. This crescent-shaped bay is the home to green sea turtles, yellow tangs, trumpet fish, and the state fish named Humuhumunukunukuapuaa! Say that ten times really fast! Enjoy the flight over the gorgeous coastline of Hanauma Bay.

Waimanalo Beach
Waimanalo Beach is a white sand beach and is a very popular recreation area among residents and tourists. This 75-acre recreational area offers a sandy beach that slopes gradually into the ocean providing the perfect area for water recreation and swimming. During the Blue Skies of Oahu Tour, you will be amazed at how blue and clear the ocean water appears.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki was once the playground for ancient Hawaiian royalty. Today, it is the playground for many tourists from around the world! Waikiki is situated on the south shore of Honolulu. As you fly over Waikiki, watch for the main strip of Kalakaua Avenue where you will see the world-class resorts.

Chinaman’s Hat
Chinaman’s Hat is also known as Mokolii. The name Chinaman’s Hat was adopted because of the shape of the small island. Blue Skies of Oahu Helicopter tour will fly you over the north end of Kaneohe Bay where you will find this incredible island.

Kaneohe Bay
Kaneohe Bay is located on the northeastern shore of Oahu and is a major tourist destination. This breathtaking bay contains shallow, crystal clear water and is the home to colorful underwater coral formations.

Nuuanu Valley Rainforest
Nuuanu Valley is a rainforest located in Honolulu. The rainforest is the home to various exotic tropical flora and tree species endemic to the valley region. Blue Skies will soar over this awe-inspiring valley rainforest.

Sacred Falls
Sacred Falls is an enchanting and breathtaking waterfall nestled in an isolated rainforest. The four mile round-trip trail through the rainforest valley is hazardous especially after a down pour of rain. Sacred Falls State Park is now closed due to the 1999 dreadful rock slide that killed nine visitors. Today the only mode of seeing the spectacular Sacred Falls is with a helicopter tour.

Dole Plantation
In 1950, the Dole Plantation began its operation as a fruit stand. Today, this pineapple plantation is a popular Hawaii attraction. You will see the incredible Pineapple Garden Maze during flight over the Dole Plantation with Blue Skies of Oahu. 

Pearl Harbor with the Battleship Missouri and the Arizona Memorial.
As Blue Skies Oahu Helicopter soars over Pearl Harbor, you will feel a reverence for the heroic soldiers serving in Oahu, December 7, 1941 when they were attacked by the Japanese. Learn about the tragedy of the Battleship Missouri and the Arizona Memorial from the informed pilot with Blue Skies Oahu Helicopter Tour.

Tour Highlights:

  • Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Waimanalo Beach
  • Kaneohe Bay
  • Chinaman's Hat Island
  • Sacred Falls
  • Nu'uanu Valley rainforest
  • Dole Plantation
  • Pearl Harbor
Tour Add-ons:
  • Front Row Seating Add-on can guarantee a front row seating for the guest.  Please note the restrictions listed below for this add-on.
 Blue Hawaiian helicopter toursBlue Skies of Oahu
 Blue Skies of OahuPearl Harbor
 Helicopter tourMap
Where and When:
Morning: departing between 7:00 am & 10:30 am
Mid-day: departing between 10:30 am & 1:00 pm
Afternoon: departing between 1:00 pm & 3:30 pm
The exact departure time for your preferred time frame will be specified on your voucher. Departs from Honolulu Heliport View Map
View Driving Directions
Weight Guidelines:
For each passenger weighing 240+ pounds (109 kg), an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft and requires an additional surcharge equal to 1/2 ticket price.
The Federal Aviation Administration requires that each each passenger is weighed prior to departure. This weigh-in process is very discrete when you check in. Any significant variance in the weights provided and actual scale weight could result in flight delays or possible cancellation.

Front Row Seating Add-on Restrictions:
Combined Front Row seat weight must be under 470 lbs and individual passenger weights must be under 240 lbs. Should the actual weights at check-in exceed any of these limits guests will be accommodated in other seats and allowed a refund for the upgrade fee.
Front Row passengers must occupy their own seats and must be able to refrain from interfering with the pilot and instrumentation. NO LAP CHILDREN IN FRONT ROW. In the event of an emergency front row passengers must be able to receive instructions in English and be physically capable of operating exit doors. Chair lifts are can only access the rear row seats, therefore guests requiring a chair lift cannot be accommodated in the front row.

You MUST have with you:
Passengers need to bring a government issued photo ID. International passengers will need their passport.
Special Notes:
Children 23 months or younger may fly at no charge and must sit on adult's lap. Please provide child's weight at time of booking.

When you choose a time frame we will email you an exact time your flight will take place. If you need to book an exact time for your flight, please call to make a reservation.

Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.
Operation Days:
45 minutes
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
6 passengers
The Eco-Star is significantly quieter than the standard A-Star touring helicopter and offers 23% more interior space and over 60 square feet of viewing glass for 180 degree unobstructed views. The Eco-Star also has individual seats for every passenger that afford the kind of shoulder room and personal space found in airline "First Class" seating. The ECO-Star is the first helicopter specifically designed for touring, utilizing the latest aircraft and avionics technologies.
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