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WWII Pearl Harbor Heroes Adventure

Join Pearl Harbor Tours and walk in the footsteps of soldiers that became heroes during World War II. This outstanding Oahu Tour is an active and dramatic presentation of World War II history that can only be simulated on the island of Oahu. The WWII Pearl Harbor Heroes Adventure takes you on a journey through history beginning with the location Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to the signing of the peace treaty with the United States. This official surrendering by the Japanese occurred aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945 ending WWII. Visit Pearl Harbor’s Visitor Center to discover World War II battle-scarred relics. Enjoy the ride on the Navy Launch sailing you across the waters of Pearl Harbor to the famous Arizona Memorial sitting above the submerged ruins of the USS Arizona and the final resting place of 2,335 U. S. military soldiers killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You will feel a deep sense of reverence when you watch the bubbles of “Black Tears,” oil that ascends to the surface of the ocean from the USS Arizona.  This ship is a shrine constructed by the United States to commemorate and honor American servicemen who were attacked and killed on December 7, 1941 on the U.S. Naval Base in Oahu. The wreckage of the USS Arizona was declared a National Historical Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Pearl Harbor Tourism offers this outstanding WWII Harbor Heroes Adventure educating you with true facts that happened on the infamous day of December 7, 1941. Oahu Pearl Harbor Tours is a Hawaii Attraction your entire family will enjoy. Feel the reverence of the sacrifice men and women made with this popular Oahu Tour. Buzz Hawaii offers discounted prices on all Oahu Tours and Oahu Pearl Harbor Tours. Contact Buzz Hawaii.com for online discounts.

The next adventure on Oahu Pearl Harbor Tours will be on one of the world’s most legendary submarines nicknamed “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” the USS Bowfin (SS-287). This outstanding fleet attack submarine successfully fought in World War II and assisted in making the term “Silent Service” famous.  On December 7, 1942 the Bowfin was launched one year after the horrific attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.  The Bowfin is permanently docked at Pearl Harbor, Oahu. Include this fantastic Pearl Harbor Heroes Adventure when you book your Hawaii Attractions in Oahu. You will find affordable prices for Oahu Tours with Buzz Hawaii.

Experience the adventure of visiting an active Navy Base on Ford Island. On the island you can explore the Pacific Aviation Museum that is the home to a battle-scarred World War II seaplane hangar. This World War II hangar survived the December 7th Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The tour starts in Hangar 37 where guests are invited to sit in a 200-seat theater to view a twelve minute film showing the Japanese surprise attack with some historical footage. The museum has interesting artifacts and old relics of World War II including an authentic Japanese Zero Fighter Plane.  Learn about a Japanese Zero Airplane that crash landed on the island of Ni’ihau. Guests will be fascinated with facts and history of the events that happened before and after December 7th. Enjoy the guided tour as the narrator shares stories and information about our nation’s brave aviation heroes. The Pacific Aviation Museum is part of the Pearl Harbor Tour that you will not want to miss. Contact Buzz Hawaii to reserve this exceptional Oahu Tour with discounted prices.

Continue the guided tour on the historical deck of the most renowned battleship that served from World War II to Desert Storm, the USS Missouri. You will be amazed when you explore the massive 16 inch guns that launch 2,900 pound projectiles for over 20 miles with exact accuracy. Guides will share the legendary story when the USS Missouri survived a severe attack in 1945 off the coast of Okinawa.  See the exact spot where General Douglas MacArthur accepted the 1945 surrender of the Japanese. Contact Buzz Hawaii to add this excellent Oahu Pearl Harbor Tour to your Hawaii Vacation package. Pearl Harbor Heroes Adventure offers an exciting experience and education of the facts and history of one of the most devastating days in American history. Book a Pearl Harbor Tours -WWII Pearl Harbor Heroes Adventure with Buzz Hawaii and save with low prices. BuzzHawaii.com offers online discounted prices.

Tour Highlights:

  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and exhibit galleries featuring WWII memorabilia
  • Watch the documentary at Pearl Harbor showing footage of the actual attack
  • Navy shuttle boat ride to the Arizona Memorial
  • Pacific Aviation Museum (admission included)
  • Drive through Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific and Courts of the Missing
  • View Iolani Palace, Kawaiahao Church, statue of King Kamehameha and Mission Houses Museum

Lunch Menu:

1. Hawaii Five-0 Kalua Pig Wrap served with Coleslaw in a Tortilla
2. Commander's Hawaiian Cob Salad with Papaya Seed Dressing (gluten free option with extra avocado & balsamic vinaigrette)
3. Hawaiian Chicken Bites Rice Bowl - Rice and Mixed Greens with Papaya Seed Dressing

 *The Pacific Aviation Museum portion is now self-guided due to guides being volunteer staff with varied hours.

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Where and When:
Complimentary hotel pick-up and return provided from most Waikiki hotels.
Pick-ups begin in Waikiki at approximately 6:45 am. Return to Waikiki at approximately 5:00 pm.
The U.S. Department of the Interior has declared a "no bags" policy at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and Arizona Memorial.
Visitors may not carry any concealing items. This includes purses, handbags, backpacks, diaper bags, etc.
Small cameras are permitted. Allowable vital items may be placed in your pockets.
There is a storage facility for bags at Pearl Harbor National Park available for a nominal fee.
Do not leave any valuables on the bus.

Navy shuttle boat operations to the Arizona Memorial are subject to the Memorial's maintenance, repair schedules and to weather.
Special Notes:
The documentary film previously shown in the theater prior to the boat launch is playing on loop in the open-air area by the ticket booth at the Visitor Center and can be viewed at any time.
Operation Days:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor Day (12/7) & Christmas Day
Approx. 9.5 hours
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