Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour – 90 minute

Reefdancer 1.5 Hour Glass Bottom Boat Tour

For the best view of Maui’s underwater paradise without getting wet, climb aboard the “Reefdancer!”  This glass bottom boat is the means to discover various colored coral, tropical fish, and even an eel or octopus! Reserve a Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour to explore the most exciting part of the Hawaiian Islands, the underwater world! For 90 minutes, the “Reefdancer” offers the ideal water excursion exploring the shallow reef from a glass bottom boat. There is no need to think you have to put on cumbersome scuba diving gear or snorkeling equipment just to trudge your way to the subterranean waters to observe beautiful sea creatures. In fact, did you know the shallow part of the Pacific Ocean presents more marine life activity than the deep portions of the water? In less than 15 feet, you will see more fish, coral, urchins, and other ocean animals. The deeper you go, the less you can see. Shallow waters will usually provide a treasure trove of fish for the viewer. The “Reefdancer” offers the most memorable Hawaiian vacation journey for your entire family, one you will not forget. You can invite your whole family, because the “Reefdancer” has an abundance of comfortable seating for all your loved ones. Sit together so you can all enjoy the interesting underwater world environment housing a variety of ocean life. With every Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour a marine naturalist will ride along narrating the activity during the exciting underwater voyage. Just so you won’t be startled, but be aware of the Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour: the diver will tap at the window holding a variety of “sea critters” in his hands. The diver has come to display the animals captured and will share them with you through the large glass windows, so you can get an up close and personal look at the interesting characteristics of each creature. You may get an extra treat on your Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour. The diver may be fortunate and capture an eel or an octopus! They are very shy and don’t come out very often to play. Any creature collected is always released unharmed. As you and your family examine the diver’s find, the naturalists will explain the specifics of each animal and the important role it plays in keeping the natural environment balanced. This Maui Glass Bottom Boat Rides is a great method to educate children about our ecosystem and the important part they play in keeping our ocean clean and healthy. They will be taught more about the world’s eco-system in just an hour and half than they would ever learn sitting in a structured classroom for days. Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour creates a fun and exciting way to be educated. There is no other way to explore, learn, personally exam, and discover the underwater world without getting wet! Go online and click on Buzz and reserve this outstanding semi-submersible Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tour. Spend 90 minutes on the Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Buzz Hawaii and save a bundle of money. Maui Attractions and Maui Tours are available with low discounted prices through Buzz Hawaii.

During the Maui Glass Bottom Boat Rides you will have the opportunity to explore and be introduced to tropical fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and reptiles. There are over 700 species of fish living in the South Pacific Ocean! A lot of them are endemic to the Hawaiian waters. Of course, you will not have the opportunity to observe them all during the Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour. You may have an exciting chance to see angelfish, black trigger fish, or bluefin trevally, or better yet, the state fish of Hawaii, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Pronounce the name of the state’s fish correctly and your family will be impressed! Look for the red pencil urchins concealed in the crevices of coral, a sleek eel gliding by, an eight-legged octopus, or a green sea turtle. After observing the creatures in the shallow reef area, there will be time with this deluxe 90 minute Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tour to sail to a farther part of the ocean to a popular gathering place for turtles. Enjoy observing the behaviors and natural habitats of these majestic slowing moving creatures. Schedule Maui Attractions and Maui Tours with Buzz Hawaii and save.

With 34 seats available, sit back and relax on the air-conditioned cabin with 38 viewing windows and 280 degree observation capacity as you enjoy the light refreshments served on this Maui Glass Bottom Boat Ride. You will see the natural wonders of the Pacific Ocean from all directions of the cabin. Feel free to move around in the cabin; there is plenty of leg and head room.  Meander to the open top deck for an awesome view of the landscapes and coastline of Maui. This is one Maui Attraction Tour you will not want your family to miss. Remember to pick up your FREE fish chart and postcard. Reserve a Reefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour with Buzz Hawaii today. Explore Maui’s underwater world the easy way!

Tour Highlights:

  • Big windows in our underwater viewing cabin
  • Close up view of the reef
  • Bautiful views of Lahaina above deck
  • Friendly narration and viewing monitor for an exceptional marine experience
 Maui ToursReefdancer Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Where and When:
Check-in at 11:15 am at Slip #6 Lahaina Harbor

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Tour departs at 11:45 am and returns approximately at 1:15 pm.
There are no specific restrictions for this activity.
Special Notes:
Easy entry to spacious cabin. Upperdeck views. Your purchase helps support East Maui Animal Refuge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Kids 5 and under FREE. (One per paying adult)
Operation Days:
90 minutes
Total : $0.00

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