Maui Activities and Tours

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Maui's most prominent feature is Mount Haleakala, the massive "House of the Sun," a dormant volcano more than 10,000 feet high with a base big enough to cover Manhattan.   Various activities are focused around Haleakala, including a variety of bicycle tours ranging in length from 10 to 38 miles long.  Whether you go escorted or unescorted is your choice; you can even just rent bicycles and head off on your own.  Horseback riding into the crater is also available, providing both that unique bond between human and horse and access to places you couldn't easily reach otherwise.  As for water sports, you'll find great locations for snorkeling and scuba in the historic Lahaina area, the historic region was once served as King Kamehameha's capitol and later served as a center of the Hawaiian whaling industry.  

Today, Lahaina is Maui's version of Waikiki, a center for culture and tourism that supports diverse entertainment venues and acts as a port for many sea-based industries.  It's here, and on nearby Wailea Beach, that you'll find the luaus, those most quintessential of Hawaiian experiences.  It's from the Lahaina port that most whale-watching tours are launched, prior to proceeding to Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary between Maui and Oahu, or to the Lanai and Molokini areas.  Most of these tours focus on the Pacific Humpbacks, which visit these waters in the winter, but on occasion you'll also see the great sperm whale of Moby Dick fame, as well as the smaller Hawaiian pilot whale, false killer whale, beaked whales, and melon-headed whales.  Then there are the delightful dolphins, who occasionally make a raucous appearance.

If it's tours you want, Maui has 'em in spades!  In addition to the bicycle tours around Haleakala, you can select a variety of other modes of transportation, from comfortable air-conditioned bus to helicopter.  Several different land tours allow you to ride in style across the island, hitting all the highlights in day-long adventures that immerse you in all the best Maui has to offer.  If you're in a hurry, take a helicopter ride out of Kahului Airport with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters; these exciting excursions let you see just about everything in only an hour or so.  

And then there's the sunset dinner cruise, that unique combination of seagoing excursion and fine dining. Maui offers three wonderful cruises aboard luxurious, smooth-sailing yachts, all operating out of the Port of Lahaina. There's nothing quite as relaxing and romantic as enjoying a quiet dinner cruise with that someone special, as you watch the Hawaiian sun sink into an ocean in a blaze of colors.

All that and more are available on Maui, and we've got the links right here on this page.  But be careful -- once you come to the Valley Isle, there's so much to do, see, and experience that you might be tempted to stay here your entire vacation, without even setting foot on the other islands!