Kauai Activities and Tours

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At 33 miles long and 25 wide, Kauai is the smallest and oldest of the four major Hawaiian Islands. However, that doesn't lessen its spectacular beauty or its irrepressible charm one bit! A true tropical paradise, Kauai is also the greenest of the Hawaiian Islands, a fact that has earned it the nickname "the Garden Isle." Kauai's 549 square miles of surface area includes every type of environment you'd expect from any Hawaiian island, including but not limited to breathtaking mountains and valleys, tall waterfalls, 90+ miles of coastline, dozens of miles of the best beaches in the world, astounding agricultural plantations, picture-perfect tropical waters seemingly optimized for the perfect snorkeling and SCUBA experiences...the list seems endless. Also worthy of note are two of Hawaii's most famous and spectacular features, Waimea Canyon and Fern Grotto. Described by Mark Twain as "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon will astound you with its wild, colorful beauty. Fern Grotto, which you might recognize from Elvis' movie Blue Hawaii, remains one of the most beautiful and exotic locales in Hawaii.

From the seafloor to its highest point, Kauai is about three miles high. The highest point occurs at the top of Kawaikini Peak, some 5,240 feet above sea level; nearby Mount Waialeale, at 5,080 feet, is nearly as tall. The northeastern slopes of Mount Waialeale are among the wettest in the world, receiving an amazing 450 inches of rain per year. These constant showers have eroded a series of deep valleys into the slopes of the mountains, including the impressive Waimea Canyon, which measures nearly 10 miles long and a half-mile deep in places.

Kauai offers two great locations for snorkeling.  Not only can you enjoy the warm waters of the Na Pali coast, the "jewel of Kauai" on the island's North Coast, you can venture out to neighboring Ni'ihau, the privately-owned "Forbidden Island."  Both locations are also home to pods of wild spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and even resident pilot whales, if you'd prefer communing with cetaceans.  Na Pali is also the destination of the island's whale watching tours, which just might bring you into close contact with not just Pacific humpback whales, but also the great sperm whale of Moby Dick fame, as well as the smaller Hawaiian pilot whale, false killer whale, beaked whales, and melon-headed whales.  And of course there's the classic dinner cruise; Kauai hosts just one, again along the beautiful Na Pali coast.

Of course, if you come to Kauai, you can't miss the many sights to be seen throughout this gem of the Pacific.  Especially interesting are the tours of Waimea Canyon and Fern Grotto, locales sure to remain in your memory for many years to come.  Island tour providers provide various packages that include these and other locations across Kauai.  And for those of you who want to see it all, there are the helicopter tours of Will Sqyures, which allow you to experience Waimea Canyon, Mount Waialeale, Wailua Falls, the Wailua River, and the legendary Na Pali coast from above!

Once you experience our warm, inviting turquoise waters, magnificent mountains and valleys, fabulous Waimea Canyon and the cozy romantic Fern Grotto, you may never want to go home again. Kauai's grandeur has also been celebrated in numerous Hollywood films, including Jurassic Park and Windtalkers.