Oahu Swim with Wild Dolphins

Dolphin Excursions - Wild Dolphin Encounter on Oahu

Join the Wild Dolphin Encounters Cruise on the Oahu Waianae Coast and experience swimming with dolphins in Oahu.  The cruise boat leaves the Waianae Boat Harbor and travels along the stunning and beautiful west coast of Oahu with the mission of locating spotted and bottlenose dolphins swimming in Hawaii. If you are lucky you will witness dolphin encounters in Hawaii and their amazing airborne stunts that these playful aquatic marine mammals perform giving you the most remarkable photo opportunities in the world. In the winter season the incredible Humpback whales share the Hawaiian waters with dolphins. The Wild Dolphin Encounters Cruise boats are famous for gliding fast along the Pacific in the chase of dolphins and whales, so there is no problem in arriving in time to see the marvelous sights of whales breaching, fins, and tail slaps. You may even see a calf with its mother! Swimming with wild dolphins is the most fun you and your family will have on your vacation in Hawaii. Swimming with the dolphins in Oahu is a tour that Buzz Hawaii will schedule for you with savings. Be sure to book an Oahu Swim with Wild Dolphins to enjoy the marvelous natural beauty of Hawaiian marine life. Buzz Hawaii will be glad to help you with all your Dolphin Tours Hawaii and offer discounted savings to you.

Experience the fun of a lifetime as you encounter what Dolphin Excursions call “The Drop.” This is an experience of being placed under water where dolphins casually swim near allowing you to have an up close and personal view of a spinner or bottlenose dolphin. Just think about it, you are in the water with a mask and snorkel, suddenly you are surrounded by a pod of playful and chatty dolphins. Dolphins are friendly mammals allowing people to get near them. It is a fantastic way to experience the unique world of dolphins giving you an underwater perspective.

“The Drop” has an 80% success rate of having dolphins come to visit. They are just as curious about you as you are about them. Wild Dolphin Encounters Cruise on the Oahu Waianae Coast gives you the opportunity to experience an ocean safari. During the winter months searching for whales may be a longer scheduled part of this excursion because the experience of snorkeling is dependent of weather and conditions. Seasoned island naturalists with years of experience touring the Waianae coast are the host on all Dolphin Excursion Trips. Buzz Hawaii will schedule this swimming with the dolphins in Oahu or any Dolphin Tours Hawaii with great savings. Contact Buzz Hawaii.com and save.

  • View spinner dolphins and humpback whales (during whale season)
  • Opportunity to occasionaly see bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins too
  • Perfect photo opportunities
  • Swim with dolphins and turtles in the wild

Please note: This is a tour that takes you to marine life in their natural habitat, not in a zoo or park. While dolphins are spotted around 80-90% of the time, dolphin sightings cannot be guaranteed. The snorkeling conditions are also dependent on the weather, and snorkeling only takes place when deemed safe.

 dolphin encounters in HawaiiSwimming with dolphins in Oahu
 swimming with wild dolphinsSwimming with wild dolphins
Where and When:
Summer: Check-in is at 6:30 am or 10:00 am at the Waianae Boat Harbor located on the west shore of Oahu, off Hwy 93.
Winter: Check-in is at 7:00 am or 10:30 am at the Waianae Boat Harbor located on the west shore of Oahu, off Hwy 93.
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Children must be at least 4 years old.
Special Notes:
Guests may bring their own lunch and beverages on board.
Operation Days:
3 hours
Dolphin Excursions
Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins and life vest) is provided, but bringing your own gear is encouraged. You may also purchase a brand new set to take home with you. Wet suits are available to rent for $10 at check-in.
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