Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure

Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure

Visit Oahu’s north shore where you will find the beautiful Waimea Valley located in a lush tropical forest. In this cultural park you will find 1,800 acres of natural beauty and adventures. Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure offer tours that take you to the Waimea Valley once inhabited by ancient Hawaiians before the arrival of European explorers. This rich and lush valley was farming land for taro plantations and consists of 1,875 beautiful acres of sacred land. Excavations by archaeologists have unearthed numerous foundations of ancient homes and quite a few sacred heiaus (temples). These areas have been dug up, studied, and restored with a display showing the impact these ancestors made for the island of Oahu. The park offers a shuttle bus transporting guests up the valley to beautiful sites including the forty-five foot focal point, Waimea Falls. Anciently, young warriors of royal heritage would use the falls to show courage by climbing the slippery walls of the waterfall and diving from the highest point to the jagged pool below. Today, at the falls there are still rock diving displays and a performance of Hawaiian hula dancers.  Continue enjoying the (ancient) kahiko lifestyle with Hawaiian music, and explore archeological sites. Experience personally the traditions and culture of ancient Hawaii. Enjoy a peaceful hike in the Waimea Valley by following lush forest trails. Reserve Oahu Nature Tours with Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure. This is one of the most popular Oahu Tours offered by Buzz Hawaii. Waimea Waterfall and Waimea Valley is the most visited historical Oahu Nature Tour on the island of Oahu. Reserve a Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure with Buzz Hawaii and save with discounted prices.

After each show, guests are invited to enjoy a refreshing swim in the waterfall pool located beneath the falls. Experience standing under a cascading waterfall for true Hawaiian ambiance.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful feeling as you swim and play at the same location royalty spent their recreational time. After a nice swim you may be ready for a walk on a self-guided tour including restored Hawaiian homes, thirty-five botanical gardens, and exotic tropical flower assortments of over 5,000 species. You will find plaques and educational brochures on all self-guided paved hiking trails. At your own pace, enjoy learning facts about the culture and the variety of vegetation located in the park. The Waimea Park located in the Waimea Valley is the perfect tour for the whole family. The park has four sections meeting the needs of everyone. The featured areas are adventure, nature, Hawaiian culture, and a children’s play facility. Extra activities offered include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and kayaking.  Schedule an Oahu Nature Tour and you will see the wonders of nature in the lush Waimea Valley that you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

You will be offered to taste rare locally grown coffee and cacao.  You will learn cacao is grown only in Hawaii and how it is processed into excellent milk or dark chocolate. Another place the tour bus will visit is Haleiwa, the popular surfing town and Banzai Pipeline, the world famous surfing beach. You will be delighted when the tour bus makes a stop at the Macadamia Nut Farm. Taste a sample of a wide assortment of Hawaiian grown tropical treats.  You will be served fresh lemon, steamed rice, and your choice of nine different sautéed shrimp when you visit the North Shore’s most renowned shrimp locations. During the entire tour, you will be privileged to have a professional guide sharing information and facts about the culture, geology, heritage, flora and fauna of Oahu. Purchase your tickets today with Buzz Hawaii and save money on Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure and Oahu Tours. This seven hour tour is packed with interesting sites and information we want to share with you and your family. Reserve Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure with Buzz Hawaii and save money.  Waimea Waterfall and Circle Island Adventure is one of the most popular Oahu Tour on the island. Join us at the Waimea Valley and Waimea Waterfall for a full day of adventure and excitement. Reserve your place today and save money with Buzz Hawaii. This is the best way to see the island of Oahu!

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Where and When:
Tour time: 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.
We use centralized pick-up locations in Waikiki. We will send you a confirmation email with the closest centralized pick-up location to you.
To ensure our guests' safety, swimming in the waterfall is not allowed. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
Special Notes:
Total walking time is 1.5 miles (3/4 mile each way at Waimea Valley arboretum to get to the waterfall). Guests may also purchase shuttle tickets for the limo cart in the arboretum. The shuttle runs about every 30 minutes and currently charges $6 for a one-way transportation and $10 for roundtrip per person.
Walkers and wheelchairs are prohibited.
Operation Days:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
10-11 hours
Oahu Nature Tours
Total : $0.00

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