Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel

Aqua Adventure - Snuba and Snorkel

Get two adventures with one tour! Snuba and Snorkeling, all on one Maui excursion! Avoid the crowds and get individualized quality service with the crew on Aqua Adventures Snuba and Snorkel Tour. This Maui Snorkeling Tour is an underwater journey taking you to places of beauty and enchantment. Aqua Adventure introduces you to the magical world of marine life. Join the experienced and knowledgeable crew working on the Aqua Adventure tour boat as they offer you a private Snuba and Maui Snorkeling experience. Have fun and create unforgettable memories of the Pacific’s colorful and bright underwater world on the Aqua Adventure catamaran. The Aqua Adventure’s Maui Snuba and Snorkel Tour will depart from Ma’alaea Harbor at 7:30am. This Maui Snorkeling Tour can leave 45 minutes later than most other Maui Tours because the Aqua Adventure is so FAST our tour boat usually passes the slower boats. We usually wave to the other groups as we whiz by on the way to the first Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel destination. Molokini Crater is the first fantastic snorkeling location on the Maui Snorkeling Tour agenda. While you are exploring Maui’s underwater exotic marine life, make sure you stay alert to notice if a Humpback Whale or Hawaiian Spinner dolphins swim to your area. You may have the opportunity to witness a female whale with her new born calf swimming side by side. Whales migrate from the frigid waters of Alaska (December through April) to the warm tropical waters of the South Pacific to mate, give birth, and nurse their young. New calves are born with practically no protective blubber to insulate them from the cold; therefore, they need warm water for birthing. Dolphins play a good portion of each day leaping, spinning, and doing somersaults in the air. If you are lucky, you may see several put on a show for you! Come join this Maui Attraction for a day under the Hawaiian sun and under the Hawaiian water world! Discover Maui’s underwater paradise with Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel Adventure. Buzz Hawaii can help you plan your Hawaii vacation. With Buzz Hawaii’s discounted prices, you can afford Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel Tour for the entire family. Contact Buzz Hawaii for money saving discounts.

The first exotic destination on the Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel trip is the Molokini Crater, listed as one of the top ten dive locations on the earth. The crater’s crescent shape provides a protection from powerful waves and vigorous currents, creating calm waters for the divers, swimmers, and snorkelers to explore the underwater paradise of Molokini. This volcanic caldera is the remains due to a volcanic explosion of a volcanic cone and is considered to be a tuff cone. A tuff cone is shaped when tiny grains called ash chemically transform when it is mixed with rainwater and then solidifies into rock. There is no dirt added to this reaction and without dirt sliding into the water, the visibility is crystal clear. These perfect conditions contribute in creating the finest snorkeling/snuba spot in all of the Hawaiian Islands. FYI…If you swim to the center of the U shape of the crater, or the rear wall you will discover a 300 foot drop off making this the best location to snorkel. Over 30 types of colorful coral and 250 different species of fish gather in this area making Molokini the most exciting place to explore. In this underwater paradise you may spot Black Trigger Fish, Yellow Tag, Raccoon Butterfly Fish, Bluefin Trevally, Parrot Fish, and Moorish Idol. Molokini is recorded with the State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District as an ecological sanctuary for all marine life in the area. Schedule this fascinating Maui Attraction with Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel through Buzz Hawaii and save money.

If you would rather try Snuba instead of snorkeling, it only takes about 15 minutes to learn. Snuba is a system that connects you to an inflatable raft floating on the surface of the water holding your air tank. You are hooked to a long breathing hose allowing you to freely swim under water for 20 minutes to a depth of 20 feet. Snuba is the easiest and most thrilling underwater adventure. No previous experience is needed to have fun with a Snuba excursion. The opportunity to Snuba is included with Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel tour. Save money with Buzz Hawaii.

The next stop on the Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel Tour is the famous snorkeling site, Turtle Town. Here you will find the friendliest of all marine life. Many of the green sea turtles are comfortable around snorkelers and divers. They may swim very close to you and you may be tempted to ride or touch the turtles. Please do not, it is forbidden, as the green sea turtles are under the protection of the State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District. Respect Hawaii’s marine life, while enjoying the natural wonders of Turtle Town. Save money on this Maui Snorkeling Tour and other Maui Tours with Buzz Hawaii.

You will ride the “Aqua Adventure” catamaran on the snuba and snorkel tour. The Aqua Adventure is a high speed vessel with a 2003 model twin engine powered by two 350 horse Cummins diesels. Enjoy the sun on the upper deck and the lower deck provides plenty of shade. There is room to walk around the cabin and the bow. The seating is comfortable and roomy. The swim step provides an easy exiting and entering the boat. Feel free to use the 2 fresh water showers at the end of the day.

Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel provides the following for a day of snorkeling/snuba: continental breakfast and buffet-style deli lunch on board the Aqua Adventure catamaran including a wide assortment of food items to make your own delicious sandwich. You can choose to add cookies, chips, and sodas to your lunch. From the bar you have the selection of Mai Tais, beer, or wine. All snorkeling and snuba gear are provided, 3 hours of play in the water, 2 snorkeling/snuba locations, guided dives with certified instructors, and personalized guidance. T-shirts, underwater cameras, trip DVD’s, and wetsuits are available with an extra charge. Come spend a day exploring Maui’s deep blue-green ocean at Molokini Crater and Turtle Town with Aqua Adventure Snuba and Snorkel Tour. Save money with Buzz Hawaii on all Maui Tours and Maui Snorkeling. Contact Buzz and save.

 Tour Inclusions:

  • High Quality Snorkel and Snuba Gear
  • 2 Snorkeling Destinations off Maui
  • 3 Hours of Water Time
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Build your Own Deli Lunch
  • Bar (Beer Wine Mai Tais and Soda)
  • Certified Instructors and Guided Dives
  • Personalized Service
  • Underwater cameras, t-shirts, trip DVD's or videos, and wetsuits available (additional charge)
 Maui ToursSnuba Adventure
Where and When:
Tour time: 7:15 am - 12:00 pm
Check in at 6:45 am at Maalaea Harbor Slip 51
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Minimum age to SNUBA is 8 years.
Full face snorkel masks are not allowed due to safety concerns.
This tour has a special 72 hour cancellation policy (must cancel at least 72 hours before the activity to get a full refund).
Tour may be cancelled if the minimum number of 10 participants is not met.
Special Notes:
Operation Days:
4.5 hours
Aqua Adventure
38 passengers
The Aqua Adventure is a 2003 model twin engine high speed vessel powered by two 350 horse Cummins diesels that push her along at 22 knots. She has an upper sun deck, lower shaded deck and a walk around cabin that gives you access to the bow. There is plenty of seating. We are certified to carry 49 passengers but take no more than 40 to insure more than enough room for everyone. The swimstep is user friendly with 2 stair-like ladders for easy access in and out of the water. There are 2 fresh water showers to rinse the salt off after you are done playing in the water for the day.
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